In 2003 Kate turned a lifelong hobby into her dream career and launched Katie Jervis Photography (which became Kate Kelly Photography in July of 2008). The initial showcase of Katie's talent began with a friend's request to photograph her baby's birth story. The experience was life-changing, enhancing Kate's perception of the art of photojournalism and, as a result, expanding her photographic objectives. Word spread quickly in regard to the intuitive technique exhibited in Kate's work. Her craft expanded to include maternity portraits, individual and family portraits, and wedding photography for clients around the country. In 2007, Katie photographed her first destination wedding in Jamaica and has since photographed another wedding in Negril, Jamaica plus weddings in locations including Hawaii, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, West Palm Beach, Seattle and Reno. In 2009 Kate launched her Boudoir business,

Kate spent her childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area where she first experienced her aptitude for photography while watching and assisting her father at work. Now located in Portland for over fifteen years, Kate's skill in capturing the region's innate and picturesque beauty lends itself to the various celebrations she photographs. Just as evident is her passion for the unique life-moments that define her clients, whether they occur at 4 a.m. in the labor and delivery room or on a candlelit evening inside a 19th century church. Kate's enthusiasm and talent for capturing life on film is defined in the artistry her work renders. Kate holds a double degree in Arts and Theology.